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Purchase DKNY and PANERAI watches, leather watches anywhere at a retailer near you

19 Feb

In 1997, origin Italy PANERAI. Switzerland Neuchatel open factories, after 8 years, PANERAI launched first movement. Today, the brand already has a very comprehensive portfolio of core, the newest member, is a basic feature of P.9000 series. They are automatic chain, 3rd power storage, P.9000 calendar plus small three-pin, P.9001 and P.9002 similarly is small three needles plus GM small and dynamic store displays, power storage on the movement of the former, while the latter is a small needle plate surface. Mix of new movements of wristwatches Luminor 1950-144 mm stainless steel sheet casing, casing lines with some slight modifications, reduced the arc, with a belt or chain, more suitable for everyday use table. P.9000 also has a 47 mm titanium case of dive tables.”DKNY is not just about clothes. It’s about a lifestyle.” – so goes the DKNY motto dkny watches.
DKNY watches, leather watches make the ideal gift for many women. As for the P.2000 series, four styles of more complex in two paragraphs, is joining a very exciting new version. For example, Tourbillon, the popularity experienced collectors water from mouth spring. P.2005 movement 239 parts, with a calibre greater than 36 mm, should have a solid enough case is appropriate. New Luminor1950 Titanium Tourbillon GMT (PAM306), installed in the Chin with a 47 mm alloy case. At the same time, in order to have a better visual effect, in this case with the special processing. It was used in the casing and lever lock and bridge II Khin alloy, so you can do forge brushed Matt, which Khin Nyunt light alloy share more.
High corrosion resistance and is not prone to sensitive skin and other features; its five-tier Chin alloy is used in the outer ring is made of mirror polished. Two different components of Chin alloys, metal color is slightly different, plus two different sanding effect on a grass surface. have a sense of history of experienced River man. It is worth mentioning that · Vedic flying 30 seconds on the small second hand little blue dot on the rotating disc, on the new change to milky white.
Apart from the Radiomir Luminor’P.2005 version PAM316. It was Platinum case, with a black surface, reserve blue Tourbillon blue dots on the surface, the surface edges also have a thin Golden line, it was the prototype of the table used as the fixed surface. In modern art, fixed on the surface of it is no longer the issue, but that brought out the beauty of the gold line, finishing touch effect. Expensive than PAM276 only about HK $ 100,000, if you didn’t buy the former, absolutely do not hesitate to buy a PAM316. Radiomir Tourbillon with version PAM315 of the Chin case, tobacco blending color and white point of Tourbillon.
Tourbillon, the complexity of the second was P.2004 one-button time GM small movements. Its first model Luminor 1950 8 DaysChrono Monopulsante GMT, red, gold and blue styles especially popular. Benefits of this table for everyone to see, it and operations are simple on the surface, but it is unique in the history of sending long dynamic one-button watch. P.2004 three clockwork drum 29 drill gauge.Purchase DKNY watches, leather watches anywhere at a retailer near you.
Timing core, on the functioning and operations are very satisfactory. In the new style, Chin metal table with 44 mm PAM311. Similarly, its case and retaining the Crown bridge using secondary Chin alloy for drawing decorative ring is polished five-iron metal is very hard. Its surface is summer Bay tobacco color, with perfect effect. Table this table there are quick with filling in the ear, users can use the gadget that comes with rapid change of watch bands, with lined with different clothes.